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Jiangsu Changzhou Meilin Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a technologically advanced purification company. Merrill Lynch brings excellent clean concepts and deep management experience to provide domestic purification companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and electronics companies with various purification products such as operating room equipment and medical auxiliary equipment.
The company has strong design strength, is equipped with a high-quality workforce, has high-end advanced processing equipment and complete testing facilities.
The company produces electrolytic steel plates, rust-proof aluminum plates, laminar air supply ceilings in operating rooms, heat preservation cabinets, cold storage cabinets, touch centralized control boxes, and socket boxes.
Product performance
Biomedical industry <br> Clean surgery department and ICU of Urumqi General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Region>
Nanjing Stomatological Hospital>
Changzhou Second People's Hospital>
The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University>
Suzhou Fourth People's Hospital>
Wuzhong Hospital of Suzhou>
100 People's Liberation Army Hospital>
Second Military Medical University of Chinese People's Liberation Army>
Huaian First People's Hospital>
Changzhou First People's Hospital>
Ordos Guangsha Cancer Hospital>
Changzhou Third People's Hospital>
Jinhu People's Hospital>
Zhuji First People's Hospital>
Tai'an Central Hospital>
Tongling Staff Hospital>
Xi'an Medical University>
Hunan Cancer Hospital>
The First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Medical University>
Hunan Medical University>
Xiamen Simin Maternity Hospital>
Fujian Longyan People's Hospital>
Fujian Longhai People's Hospital>
Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Union Medical College>
Fuzhou Railway Health and Epidemic Prevention Station>
Hangzhou First People's Hospital>
Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital>
Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital>
Wuhu Gejishan Staff Hospital>
Shandong Junan County People's Hospital>
Laiwu People's Hospital of Shandong Province>
Shandong Yishui Central Hospital>
Peking University Shenzhen Hospital>
Beijing Railway Hospital>
Beijing Ketai Pharmaceutical Company>
Kaifeng First People's Hospital>
Qinhuangdao City Center Blood Station>
Tangshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital>
Shanghai Sanwei Biological Company>
Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical Company>
American Baxter (Suzhou) Medical Supplies Company>
Yunnan Baiyao Co., Ltd.>
Tianjin Tiens Biological Company>
Jinan Jinlu Biological Co., Ltd.>
Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Drug Control>
Nestle Beverage Co., Ltd.>
Hainan Coconut Beverage Company>
Jianlibao Beverage Co., Ltd.>
Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Jilin Province>
Jilin Tonghua Jinma Pharmaceutical>
Jilin Changlong Biochemical Pharmaceutical Factory>
Jilin Witt Biochemical Pharmaceuticals>
Changchun Institute of Biological Products>
Jilin Province Blood Center>
Bethune Medical University>
Heilongjiang Huaxueyan Biological Company>
Harbin Medical University>
Harbin Pharmaceutical Group General Pharmaceutical Factory>
Harbin Pharmaceutical Group No. 1 Factory>
Harbin Shiyitang Pharmaceutical>
Songhuajiang Pharmaceutical Factory>
Harbin Pharmaceutical Fourth Factory>
Harbin Pharmaceutical Sixth Factory>
Electronics & Electrical <br> Hitachi Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.>
Fuji Film (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.>
Shanghai Advanced Semiconductor Co., Ltd.>
Taiwan Hu Shi Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.>
Shanghai Hitachi Electric Co., Ltd.>
Beijing University of Technology>
Zhuhai Nanke Electronics Co., Ltd.>
American 3M China Co., Ltd.>
Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.>
Japan Radio (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.>
EPSON (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.>
Beijing Tongmei Crystal Technology Co., Ltd.>
Department of Purification Surgery, Yueyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine>
Xuzhou Renci Trauma Surgery Hospital Surgery Department>
Department of Surgery, Huludao Central Hospital>
Department of Surgery, Shenyang Fourth Hospital>
Department of Surgery, Shenyang 245 Hospital>?
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